We're so proud that our products are making men and women all of the world smile that we're happy to announce that ALL of our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee. No matter how many months supply you buy you are covered for the first 60 days!

How can we do this?
It's simple really - we're so confident that our products will work for you! Our re-order rate currently stands at 93% and in 95% of cases customers are happy with their order.

What happens if I've bought a 6 month supply but I need to stop taking them after a month for medical reasons?
Simple again - Return the whole order back to us less the month's supply you used and you will be refunded for a full 6 month order!

I want to return my order, what must I do
Just contact us and we'll give you a returns address, once we receive your order back we'll refund you.